About Us

About CareDirect

Finding the right CareGiver is difficult. Owning the hiring process without high costs and lengthy time involved is almost impossible. Or maybe you just looking for CareGiver professionals on a more flexible arrangement.

CareDirect, aims to become the platform of choice for anyone in search of Caregivers. Direct from the comfort of your own home. You can search multiple CareGiver profiles and work with as many needed, either on a temporary basis, or until you find the right CareGiver should you wish to find someone permanently.

We are not an agency! Should you wish to permanently hire one of the CareGivers that work on our platform, post even a single booking, please do! Be sure to take advantage of some of our value add booking service offerings to help you with this transition.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could book a variety of CareGivers through one online platform? Well now you can.

Almost every person or family will have a time in their life where they need some support or extra care, be it for their children, elderly parents or grandparents, sick or injured loved ones, for their pets or even their homes.

CareDirect is your direct connection to Caregivers

What is CareDirect

CareDirect allows CareSeekers to search and hire CareGivers that match their personal requirements using a set of criteria, in a quick and cost effective way, direct from the comfort of your own home, office or coffee shop! CareDirect allows CareSeekers to make informed hiring decisions with comprehensive profiles, vetted information, active reviews and supporting material.

CareDirect offers a free service to CareGivers looking for jobs. As a CareGiver you can create your profile and apply for work in your suitable areas. CareDirect allows CareGivers an opportunity to become entrepreneurs. With supportive promotions by CareDirect, inclusive of the value add training academy, you will have a true opportunity to manage your own working times, and find work that is valuable to both you and families.

CareDirect aims to create a sense of community between CareSeekers and CareGivers by helping them connect in a reliable, convenient, and affordable way.

For a more detailed information please refer to our help center.

To book a CareGiver, click here.

Why CareDirect?

CareDirect values, real Caring Connections, and a welcoming sense of Community. But also Keeping Booking Convenience first in mind. We provide the opportunity to find the right CareGiver to support your personal needs. It’s our expectation that all CareGivers uphold the highest level of quality service. Equally important to us is a platform that is fair for all. We strive to promote trust and safety always!

When hiring an individual – you either connect or you don’t. Another important consideration is that you may think you have hired the right person but may need some peace of mind. CareDirect offers you the opportunity to work with someone on a temporary, no strings attached basis. The platform therefore encourages both temporary work but also an opportunity to connect with multiple CareGivers that match your personal requirements, allowing you the time to build the trust and connection with someone suitable should you then wish to hire someone on a permanent basis.

You may not connect with everyone. But something magical happens when you do!

The CareDirect Logo

The circle, made of a C and 3 dots, surrounding the heart – completed it symbolises a circle of trust amongst CareSeekers and CareGivers and providing the care for what you love most.
The incomplete circle, completed with 3 dots, represents an already existing market place, but the role of CareDirect committed to building this platform and community, creating the connections amongst Careseekers and CareGivers in a trusted and secure way.

The heart – symbolising love for those or what is important to you our clients or CareSeekers.

How does it work?

CareDirect offers a simple step by step and supportive sign up process for both CareSeekers searching for CareGivers, or CareGivers looking for care jobs.

For CareSeekers being families or individuals looking for a CareGiver in your area. Its simple. Sign up, Search, View Matched Profiles, Hire a CareGiver, Rate your service!

For CareGivers being those in search of care jobs in your area. Its simple. Sign up, complete your profile using the template set out for you, load your availability, Get Hired and Earn and income!

Please follow these simple steps and where needed refer to our help center for any questions you may have.

Who should sign up?

If you share our vision and our values we would love to make you a part of our CareCommunity.

Are you a CareGiver that is highly motivated, committed, respectful and trustworthy? If so let us help market you on our platform!

Are you a CareSeeker that is fair, respectful and appreciates great CareGivers? If so. We can help you find them!