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You can contact CareDirect on our online messenger available between 08:00 – 18:00, Monday to Friday. Message us on our whatsapp number: xxxxxxx E-mail one of friendly operators in our CareCentre:

If you have a technical issue, be sure to look through the FAQ’s to assist you when signing up or contact our friendly operators in our CareCentre

There is no need to deactivate your profile. As the CareSeeker profiles are not searchable your profile will just lay dormant.

Payment is secure and easy with our payment gateway. We have tried to make the process as seamless as possible so that you focus on life and we focus on connecting you to the best CareGiver.

Each offering on our platform is unique to its CareSeekers and CareGivers. Click here to see the full cost breakdown.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CareDirect team with anything we can assist with. We will do our utmost to fix whatever problem you experienced while using our platform. We know we do not live in a perfect world and even though we have taken every care to create an experience that is seamless, we value your constructive criticism in the hope that we can either correct it or change a process in the future. We created CareDirect because we found a need for connecting CareSeekers and CareGivers on a trusted platform. We live in an evolving world where client feedback will make or break the experience so please know that we will do everything within our power to rectify or assist with any grievance. Send a mail to so we can maintain a high standard client offering.

A CareGiver review is prompted after a successful booking has been completed. We promote true and honest accounts and hope that you were happy and satisfied with your CareGiver. One of the founding pillars of starting CareDirect was helping with the rampant unemployment rate in South Africa. We know that South Africa has it’s own unique set of challenges and ask that when filling in your feedback you are constructive and kind in your reviews as all reviews will go on the CareGivers profile. We are constantly encouraging upskilling of CareGivers and have trusted affiliated training partners. Should you wish to send your CareGiver on a course that could add value to your household, please click here for recommendations. Should you need to discuss or recommend an action with regards to the booking process please send a mail to so we can maintain a high standard of client offering.

Yes, you can. This is a validation of the CareDirect team matching the perfect CareSeeker with their perfect CareGiver. While we are not a recruitment agency we are always in favor of full time employment and have made it easy for you to hire your caregiver on a full time basis. Click here to find out the placement fee associated.

Each CareGiver has their own unique style which CareDirect encourages. We recommend that CareGivers dress appropriate to the activity of the kind of care they are providing. CareDirect also has care protectors for yourself or CareGivers to purchase to avoid any mishaps on valuable clothing. Click here to purchase them.    

CareDirect places great emphasis on making sure that CareGivers are fairly compensated. CareDirect does not take a percentage of the quoted hourly rate for CareGivers. A CareSeeker is welcome to tip a CareGiver if they so desire. It is however completely at the discretion of the CareSeeker. Click here to see what we say around this the CareGiver.

Providing meals for CareGivers is at your own discretion. Click here to see what we say around this to the CareGiver.

The onus is on you to read the booking contract before accepting. Our team of legal experts have taken every care to protect CareGivers and CareSeekers alike to enable them to transact as easily as possible.

Yes you can. If you need to book a CareGiver who will need to work at a different address from the one you normally use, make sure that you change the address that the CareGiver will be expected at during the booking process.

The CareDirect team has taken a lot of care to make booking on the platform as safe as possible and to bring you a platform that has a database of CareGivers of the highest quality. The CareDirect team does background checks and reference checks on every CareGiver on our platform. At checkout we have trusted servers and verified payment gateways that protect you when making payment. CareDirect uses secure and verified servers and adheres to POPI (The Protection of Personal Information Act). The purpose of the PoPI Act is to ensure that all South African institutions conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing and sharing another entity’s personal information by holding them accountable should they abuse or compromise your personal information in any way. CareDirect will never sell your information onto third parties.

You can only book a CareGiver once you have registered on the platform. Sign up here to register. Once you have registered on the platform you can book a CareGiver by following the convenient prompts on the site.

Search for CareGivers after you have registered as a CareSeeker on the CareDirect platform. Make use of our convenient filters to set your preferences and narrow down your search.

You can contact CareDirect on our online messenger available between 08:00 – 18:00, Monday to Friday. Message us on our whatsapp number: xxxxxxx E-mail one of friendly operators in our CareCentre:

Only the person who signed up with a secret password and username  can access an account on the CareDirect platform. Keep your details in a safe place for easy access. If you have forgotten your password click here and we can resend it to you via SMS or e-mail. You will need your email address/cellphone mumber and password to login to and make a booking on the Care Connect platform.

CareDirect has made carefully considered  recommendations on industry rates and norms and have consulted legal labour brokers to ensure fair and equal pay for all CareGivers. CareSeekers are more than welcome to pay the CareGiver extra. This is at the discretion of the CareSeeker and will be a transaction that takes place directly between CareGivers and CareSeekers.

A confirmed booking must be cancelled at least 48hours in advance in order for you to receive a voucher for the full value of your booking. This voucher can be used on the CareDirect platform at any time in the following 12 months. Should the cancellation occur later than 48 hours in advance, the booking will unfortunately be charged for. If you cancel multiple bookings a red flag will be raised on the CareDirect platform and will affect your trust credibility for future bookings. We encourage professionalism and want to respect the time of all CareSeekers and CareGivers on the CareDirect platform.

We believe that if we offer a superior service, our clients will be our biggest supporters. This is why we are continuously testing, validating and doing customer research to ensure our service is of an excellent standard. We know that word of mouth is the best advertising and we are happy to pay you to say nice things about us! Get R30 off your next booking when a friend you referred makes their first booking with us. When a new CareSeeker makes a booking using your name as a reference, we will send you a voucher to the value of R30 to use for your next booking. A little thank you from CareDirect for spreading the word!

CareDirect is not a recruitment agency. CareDirect is a marketplace platform that allows CareSeekers and CareGivers to connect with each other as and when they are needed.

We endeavour to protect our CareGivers’ information in the same manner that we  endeavour to protect yours, and for this reason CareDirect does not wish to list any personal information of a CareGiver in a public forum. When you have made a booking, you will be able to contact the CareGiver through the CareDirect platform.

CareDirect promotes trust by having CareSeekers and CareGivers fill in detailed questionnaires. We also complete detailed references and background checks on all CareGivers on our platform. We have secure servers that protect your information and we adhere to the terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act. We rely on CareSeekers and CareGivers alike to be as detailed and honest as possible in completing their sign-up questionnaires. We know that each CareSeeker and each CareGiver is unique. We hope that through having extensive insight into all parties involved, we can match you with your perfect CareGiver as easily and as stress-free as possible. To have a happy, stress-free experience now, sign up here. Click here to look at our reference page and read what experiences other CareSeekers have had on the CareDirect platform.

We know capture forms can be burdensome and lengthy to fill out. Through extensive customer testing and market related analysis we have created a capture form that highlights the most important information when you are looking for a CareGiver. CareDirect’s main focus is to build trust with our community. We endeavour to find the best CareGivers on our platform for CareSeekers to connect with. The more honest and open you are in your questionnaire, the better our algorithm can match you to the right CareGiver. Click here to register and sign up.

Registration is quick and easy. It will take you approximately XXX mins to create a profile sign in. Click here to register now. Step 1: Sign up and register. We recommend that you fill in as much information as possible so that the most suited CareGivers can be matched to you by our algorithm. Step 2: Search through the CareDirect database of CareGivers. There are several filters you can use to narrow your search based on your preferences. Step 3: Review profiles to see which profiles are the best matches for your needs. Step 4: Book a CareGiver through our easy booking process. Step 5: Rate your service. At CareDirect we encourage clear instructions so that expectations are managed and aligned. It will take careful and clear instruction to ensure that you receive the best outcome from any CareGiver. We encourage you to be honest and constructive when submitting a review so that we can help CareGivers reach their full potential.     Step 6: You have more time for the things you love!

Yes, always make sure to update your personal information as soon as possible. You can do this by signing into your profile with your email address and password. It is important to keep your information current and updated. The more update your profile, the easier it is for you to match with the right CareSeekers.

You can contact us on our online messenger service which is available between 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday. Message us on our whatsapp number: xxxxxxx E-mail one of friendly operators in our CareCentre:

If you chose to deactivate your profile you unfortunately will have to create a new profile on the CareDirect platform. If you simply hid your profile, you can unhide it by clicking here, or by going onto your profile and clicking unhide.

If you are no longer looking to be a CareGiver on the CareDirect platform you may choose to deactivate your profile. Please click on the deactivation link here to deactivate your profile. This means you will have to start over again when signing up to the platform in the future. If you have not signed into the CareDirect platform within 6 months of your last active session, your account will automatically be hidden. This will ensure that you are not pinged when you are not available and that CareSeekers are only contacting CareGivers that are looking to be matched with CareSeekers. Only you have the authority to delete your account if you no longer wish to be active on the CareDirect platform. We will be sad to see you go and would appreciate feedback on why you decided to leave. Please click here to tell us why if you have decided to deactivate your account.

You do not need to deactivate your account. You can simply hide your account  which means that your profile will not show when CareSeekers search for available CareGivers.

You can earn more extra cash by referring CareSeekers and CareGivers to CareDirect.

CareDirect uses secure and verified servers and adheres to the terms of POPI (The Protection of Personal Information Act). The purpose of the PoPI Act is to ensure that all South African Institutions conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing and sharing another entity’s personal information by holding them accountable should they abuse or compromise your personal information in any way. CareDirect will never sell your information onto third parties.

The terms and conditions are there to protect CareSeekers, CareGivers and CareDirect all in equal measure.We have had a team of legal experts go through the terms and conditions to make sure CareDirect is legally compliant and we have endeavoured to protect all parties involved in the unlikely event of a dispute arising. We request that you read through the terms and conditions so that you are aware of your rights, the CareGiver rights and CareDirect’s rights. Have a suggestion or query? Please contact a friendly representative from our CareCentre. E-mail here:

Your weekly earnings will be deposited straight into your account every Friday.

A client review feedback sheet is prompted after you have completed a successful booking. We promote true, honest and fair accounts and look forward to assisting you with any queries raised.Should something have been misleading or unsatisfactory with your booking please send a mail to so that we can investigate. Your wellbeing is important to us and we will do everything in our power to assist you with any help you may need.

Yes, you can. We are always in favour of full time employment and aim for every CareGiver to work towards their goals of financial freedom and security. CareDirect strives to help  you achieve this. If you meet your dream CareSeeker and decide that you would like to become employed by them full time, the CareSeeker will be required to let us know. Click here to find out in the terms and conditions how the process will work and the placement fee associated (the CareSeeker is responsible for paying this fee).

Each CareGiver has their own unique style which CareDirect encourages. We recommend you dress appropriate to the activity of the kind of care you are providing. You can discuss this with your CareSeeker or attend one of our courses if you’re not quite sure. We would hate for any clothing of yours to be ruined during your daily activity.  Ie: babies make lots of unexpected messes, dogs might jump on your new clothes.   Dress accordingly or even enquire about our amazing clothing protectors. Click here to browse and purchase.

The onus is on you to bring your own meals to work; anything that a CareSeeker supplies to you is optional and at the CareSeeker’s own discretion. They have no obligation to supply meals.

The onus is on you to read the booking contract before accepting. Our team of legal experts have taken every care to protect CareGivers and CareSeekers to transact as easily as possible.

The CareDirect team have taken a lot of care to bring you a platform that has the highest quality of CareSeekers and CareGivers. By accepting a booking through CareDirect you are acknowledging that you are looking for a CareSeeker who is offering employment. A booking can only commence once payment from a CareSeeker has been processed.

You can upload short videos describing yourself onto your profile but is not required. This is completely at your discretion. We have found that caregivers with videos have a higher booking frequency. We can assist you with your video during our orientation events. Click here to find the closest orientation event to you. It should be no longer than 60 – 90 seconds. As a starting point we would recommend the following:  Your name, previous experience or qualifications, what you like to do in your spare time, what makes you unique and what your perfect job would look like. Click here for an example.

There is a 24hour turnaround time provided all your information has been provided.

Only the information you supplied will be displayed on the CareDirect platform. Should you have additional certificates, background checks or any other additional boosters, be sure to upload them to boost your credibility and get hired sooner.

The CareSeeker will have access to the results of your criminal record check only if you have given CareDirect authorisation to share the results.

The CareSeeker will have access to the results of your background check only if you have given CareDirect authorisation to share the results.

A criminal record or police record is a record of a person’s criminal history, generally used by potential employers, lenders etc. to assess a caregiver’s trustworthiness. Criminal record checks in South Africa are legally required to be verified by using a set of digitally captured fingerprints. Using the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), the fingerprints are checked electronically directly against the South African Police Services (SAPS) database. This is an additional expense to the CareSeekers. If you have a previous criminal record it is best to state it upfront in the capture form.

Trust is very important in our industry and we are affiliated with a number of background check and verification agencies. We encourage transparency and hope that through selective reference checking we are able to help find you your perfect CareSeeker. Below is a list of the highlighted checks that we may run during the course of you being registered as a CareGiver on the CareDirect platform: Qualification Checks ID Verification Work Permits /  Permanent Residence CCMA history Criminal Record Check Credit Check Drivers Licence *Background checks can only be processed with your approval.

No, you are not employed by CareDirect. CareDirect is a marketplace platform that aims to assist you in finding employment.

CareDirect does not offer training in-house as yet, but we are working hard to find the right training partners that may provide for upskilling opportunities at discounted rates. CareGivers are encouraged to refer to the training academy for more details.

CareDirect may, from time to time, offer the opportunity to attend an orientation event. These will be hosted in different cities around the country and will prevent an opportunity to you to meet members of the CareDirect team, be provided with a direct understanding of the business, receive a professional photo to use on your profile, and most importantly to ask any questions you may have. Click here to see when the next event closest to you is being held.

The star rating is provided by clients for your services rendered. The purpose is to help CareGivers become more visible on the platform. It encourages the right sense of community for other CareSeekers. And an opportunity for CareGivers to be ,more noticeable for te excellent service provided.

Your profile is the way you can be marketable to potential clients or CareSeekers. We’ve crafted the profile and the required and suggested information around the details any CareSeeker would need to make an informative booking. This information captured highlights your skillsets and gives CareSeekers the best information to make sure you are searchable based on the personal details, experience, location relevant to the CareSeekers.   The more information you supply, the easier it is for a CareSeeker to see if you are a good fit for their family and household. This will give you more opportunities for employment and will also highlight opportunities for you to upskill yourself. For upskilling opportunities, please refer to our training academy.

When signing up to CareDirect you get access to employment and paid for jobs that can help you become financially independent on your own terms. CareDirect offers a convenient and reliable platform for you to find work. Our focus is promote top performers. That said, outside of the marketing that we spend to promote CareDirect, we will also feature top performers. CareDirect is also expanding its offering to provide for a training academy that all CareGivers will be able to take advantage of. Please refer to the training academy link for details of possible online training videos or access to training partners for discounted courses that will help better your skillsets.  

Signing up on the CareDirect platform is completely free for CareGivers. Sign up now! Also important to note is that there is no charge at all for CareGivers to trade on CareDirect.

Registration is simple, and requires that you sign up and create your profile. Follow these steps to join our CareCommunity. Step 1: Sign up and Verify your contact details. Apply to have your profile created and your chosen contact method activated. This is the first an important step for us to get in touch with you so that we can ensure a successful booking process. At this step you will enter your Name, Surname and contact email, cellphone number or both. You will be required to select a preferred contact method. You will then receive a verification code from us. Please enter this code to confirm your contact method. Once this is done you will move on to create yoru profile. Step 2: Create your profile. This is your online CV. We provide you with a step by step guide of relevant information to provide. Some of the information requested is mandatory or required, and some of the information is not. We recommend that you fill in as much information as possible, so your profile is clear, concise, informative and visible to all CareSeekers. You can if you like always edit your profile information, the aim is to have all profiles 100% complete so that you are marketable to all CareSeekers. Step 3: Load your availability. This is going to change over time but always remember to update when you are available so that a CareSeeker can see your availability. It is your responsibility to keep it up to date. If your availability is not updated, it won’t be possible for a CareSeeker to see when you are free to accept a job. Step 4: Get hired! The CareSeeker will book you at an agreed time that is convenient to you. Remember, the more you fill out the easier it is to find a match. Step 5: Earn an income and secure your financial freedom using CareDirect. See question supporting the payment process. Step 6: Star Rating. You will start trading on CareConect with a zero star rating. Post your first booking your star rating will be accumulated from all your client reviews. Step 7: Rate your experience. At CareDirect we encourage clear instructions so that expectations are managed and aligned. It will take time and practice to ensure that you receive the best outcome from any match on the platform. It is as important that you as CareGiver have a positive experience using the CareDirect platform as it is for the CareSeeker to have a positive experience.  We encourage you to be honest, fair and constructive when giving feedback.

We aim to foster trust on the platform by encouraging honesty in our take-on or sign up process. But also guiding the level of information a CareSeeker may need to see and to assist them in their hiring decisions. CareGivers profiles are displayed to CareSeekers providing mention of where certain information and supportive documentation may be missing. It is in each CareGivers best interest to promote their profiles by adhering to the sign up criteria. CareDirect and those who use the platform are protected by our stringent terms and conditions. We encourage the right quality assessment through the after service review process, making reviews available on profiles. With regards to prior work experience, outside of CareDirect, we have not made it mandatory for CareGivers to provide references as we believe the service reviews provided for work booked through our platform may be more reliable. However, for references provided we will do spot checks to ensure the reference may seem viable. CareGivers as part of the signup process are requested to complete and prove that they have no criminal record. Still all that said, how do you know you can truly trust someone? We believe outside of the reviews seen. The level of service and personal connection should be tested, so that based on your own personal interaction you will get a feeling as to whether you can work with someone or not. Trust is never guaranteed with any relationship, be it personal or professional. All CareSeekers are therefore also encouraged to review our help center for the support we can provide to the hiring process. That is the questions to ask upon the first work interaction. As well as the safety measures to be taken to help with preventive or protective measures you can take to ensure that extra care for your loved ones.  

CareDirect does not hire CareGivers. CareGivers using CareDirect use the free service to promote themselves and to become their own bosses. If you wish to join the CareDirect business team however you welcome to email us on We pride ourselves on the agile business model adopted. And whilst we would love to hire everyone and anyone who shows and interest and who meets the business requirements, it might not always be possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Please don’t let this shy you away. Get in touch.

CareDirect provides a thorough on-boarding process, giving CareGivers an opportunity to promote themselves effectively. Including in this is the requirement for CareGivers to accept our legally binding terms and conditions. Furthermore CareGivers as active users will be included in our training academy. The focus of the academy is largely to assist with skills upliftment , but there is mandatory sign up behaviorial test to be completed. All that said the level of service will be professionally monitored through our post booking rating system. CareSeeekers will provide guidance to others looking for CareGivers through their ratings. Any negative word of mouth is not easy to shake. In short our business model does not promote non-performers. CareGivers who lack the commitment to quality service, will soon be washed out by virtue of the lack of info or egativity displayed on their profile. We always say, its not always that you connect with everyone, but something magical happens when you do. The point being that we encourage diversity on the platform. Personal connections are exactly that. But obvious poor performance will be easily ironed out.

CareDirect relies on trust and aims to promote this on the platform. Booking convenience is essential to the success of our business. Building a CareCommunity amongst Careseekers and CareGivers. And ensuring the right reliability, time saving and cost effective solution for individuals and families to find CareGivers that match their personal requirements. Above all, we value people, we value life and hope that our business enables those that join our CareCommunity and opportunity to live to meet their dreams and to feel supported.

CareDirect is on a mission to help all indiduals and families with their search and hiring of Caregivers. We understand life happens and aim to be there when it does. Equally important is our mission to help CareGivers find suitable work opportunities and fair market rates. Our intermediary function aims to foster the right connections and sense of community.

CareDirect enables CareGivers to load their own work availability and CareSeekers to load their dates of when they require care support. This process may facilitate both temporary or regular bookings with either the same CareGiver if required or with multiple CareGivers performing the same role.

Should CareSeekers wish to employ a CareGiver in their personal capacity, depending on the work required, a CareGiver may be required to deactivate their account and/or stop booking work through CareDirect. We encourage all CareSeekers to take advantage of the valuable booking offerings to help with this transition. But the point is. We do not prevent permanent work. We believe our platform and valuable service is there for CareSeekers and CareGivers to use as they need.

CareDirect is not an agency. The platform promotes the convenient, and reliable connection between CareSeekers and CareGivers. CareSeekers who chose to use our platform will be charged marginal booking fees for our services. We collect and pay CareGivers their service fees collected.

A CareGiver is the term used to describe a professional providing care in the any of the following CareGiver roles.

ChildCare includes, nannies, au pairs, babysitters, tutors.
AdultCare includes nurses and elderly companions.
HomeCare includes, cleaners, housekeepers, housesitters, gardeners.
PetCare includes, petsitters, dog walkers.

CareSeeker is the term used to describe an individual searching for a CareGiver to provide support in taking care of either his/her children, home or garden, eldery or injured adult family members, or pets. A CareSeeker may require support from multiple CareGivers either at one point or different times. CareDirect provides an opportunity to search for all CareGivers as and when required.

CareDirect is an online platform that through a set of search criteria enables families to hire suitable CareGivers that match their specific needs. Vice Versa the platform encourages CareGivers to sign up if they looking for an opportunity to find work opportunities that match their skillsets and their working times available. The platform focused on temporary work opportunities. But also allows for permanent placements in need. CareGiver categories supported include, ChildCare, AdultCare, HomeCare and PetCare.